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How to Avoid Eating When You’re Bored

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How to Avoid Eating When You’re Bored

As humans, it’s very easy to reach for comfort food when we are feeling bored. It’s sad but we usually reach for the stuff that isn’t good for us too… the sweets, the crisps, the crackers, the cookies, the cakes etc. But if you’re anything like me and you want to get healthy or lose some weight then you need to learn how to avoid eating when you’re bored.

The first step is learning to recognize that you are eating because you’re bored. Your body is hard wired to be active. In fact, it thrives on activity. So if you’ve been sitting around doing the same thing for a couple of hours and start feeling hungry, there are some things you can do.

Learning how to avoid eating when you’re bored is really quite easy… here are a few techniques:

  1. Drink a glass of water – Thirst and hunger both create the same sense of emptiness in the stomach. Studies have been done that confirm that we often mistake thirst as hunger. So have a drink of water before you reach for the junk food
  2. Change your activity – if you’re watching TV then switch to reading a book or doing something on the computer
  3. Find an activity that occupies your hands – doing a jigsaw, building a model, knitting etc
  4. Go for a walk – this will remove you from the source of temptation (i.e. the kitchen).
  5. Avoid buying the foods that you tend to snack on – If they’re not there you can’t eat them
  6. Always eat at the dining room table – Don’t eat in the bedroom or while watching TV. If you have to go to the dining room to eat it might deter you.
  7. Choose nutritious food – Eating real, whole foods like fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds helps us avoid nutritional famine that will make us overeat
  8. Never eat or drink anything with artificial sweetener – Recent research suggests these actually INCREASE your appetite. This includes soft drinks, snacks, gum etc.


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