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what are the nutrients in spinach – nutrients in vegetables chart

what are the nutrients in spinach – nutrients in vegetables chart

Take a look at this nutrients in vegetables chart from that shows what are the nutrients in spinach and other salad greens.

As well as finding out what nutrients are in spinach, it also shows the nutrients in iceberg lettuce, romaine (cos) lettuce, red coral lettuce and arugula (rocket).

So which salad greens have the most nutrients?

This nutrients in vegetables chart shows the amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and Iron in a two cup serving based on recommended daily intake.

Sadly, iceberg lettuce, which is the favorite salad lettuce, has the lowest number of nutrients… probably because it’s 96% water. As you can see here, the best salad greens are baby spinach and romaine lettuce (or cos lettuce as it is known in some countries). Both of which contain more than the daily need for both vitamins A and K as well as good levels of vitamin C and folate.

The great thing with all of these veggies is that they are super low in calories. Oddly enough, iceberg lettuce has the fewest nutrients but the highest number of calories at 20 for the two cup serve. Spinach has 14, romaine (cos) 16, red leaf and arugula 8 calories each per two cup serve. This fact makes them ideal to fill up on at meal times. My partner and daughter always laugh at the pile of lettuce I put on my plate… nothing like a crisp, crunchy salad in the summer, or any time of year for that matter 🙂 Even if it’s just a sandwich or wrap for lunch, spinach or romaine make an ideal way to get some nutrients into you.

For a more comprehensive list of nutrients in just about any food you can think of a great place to go is


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